Diesel Generator Conversion

As a pioneer of CNG industry in India, MOBILITX Formerly known as PUNE CNG has started its project for conversion of Diesel Generator into Diesel Gas System. Since half a decade ago, we as PUNE CNG started diesel generator conversion by converting diesel generator into Diesel Gas System.

We are currently working in collaboration with world renowned CNG kit manufacturer, primarily from European countries like Italy and Poland for converting diesel generator into Diesel Gas System and working as an exclusive distributor in India.

    Advantages of converting Diesel Generator into Diesel Gas System in collaboration with MOBILITX Formerly known as PUNE CNG

  • • Reduce fuel cost up to 60 %.
  • • ECU controlled system.
  • • Low maintenance required than gas generator.
  • • Can be operated by Diesel or Diesel Gas System.
  • • No major changes in the basic generator configuration.
  • • No loss of power after conversion.
  • • Noise level remains almost same with original features after conversion.
  • • No chance of injector blocking.

    Our Strength

  • • Well Trained Engineers and Technicians: Most of the Engineers and Technicians are trained by Italian experts from Italy.
  • • Genuine Parts: All the parts are directly imported from Italy.
  • • Availability of Spares: All of the spare parts are available.
  • • Quality Products: All the products are manufactured by Italy following all types of manufacturing standards.
  • • Safety System
  • • Warranty Coverage: A Warranty Card is provided which represents of warranty for a certain period.
  • • After sales service: Considering customers demand after sales service is given with priority.

Diesel Generators vs CNG Generators: Which type of generator would be most suitable for you and why?

In today’s world, electricity is as basic and as necessary for survival as food, clothing or shelter. Though the majority of our lives’ aspects are dependent on electric power, but there's no denying that we do experience power outages. It’s inevitable. We haven’t reached that state of perfection in terms of power supply/distribution, as of yet.

Generators are basically machines which provide standby power to be used during power outages. Based on the requirements of an establishment, generators are available in various configurations with the capability to generate power starting from a range of a few kilowatts to over 3 megawatts. The most widely popular and commonly used generators operate either on diesel or CNG (compressed natural gas). Generators, over the years, have become more fuel efficient, easy to maintain, non- -cacophonous and environmentally favourable. Modern-day generators are even capable of instantaneously taking over power distribution responsibilities in case of a power outage to ensure seamless operations.

There are several features and specifications that a user needs to consider while buying a generator. Amongst those features and specifications, the fuel on which the generator operates is one of the most important ones as its functionality, application and usability (based on where and for what purpose it is being used) can vary a lot based on this sole factor.

Diesel and CNG generators are the most preferred ones amongst all available types of generators. So, let’s compare these two types of generators and understand which one could be the most suitable one for you

In Terms of Purchase Cost

Diesel generators generally cost less as compared to CNG generators. So, if you're clear about your power requirements and price is the primary concern then a diesel generator is more likely to provide an optimum solution. But if you are thinking long term, then you need to consider several other factors such as fuel prices, maintenance costs, etc. before choosing a suitable generator.

In terms of fuel prices/efficiency

When compared in terms of market price, CNG as a fuel is cheaper as well as more efficient than diesel. However, when it comes to performance, diesel generators are capable of delivering greater electrical output and performing for longer durations of time. So, if your power requirements are not very high or very frequent then a CNG generator would be idle for you. Whereas, if you are seeking a generator with high electrical output with consistent performance over time then opt for a diesel generator.

In terms of maintenance cost

Though both the types of generators demand periodic maintenance, diesel generators require very little maintenance in comparison to generators utilizing natural gas. Moreover, CNG is highly flammable, that is why it’s necessary to conduct thorough inspections periodically to avoid fatalities such as a gas leak. So, if your business or establishment is prone to risks of fire hazards or if power outages can cause significant losses then it would be recommendable to choose a diesel generator.

In terms of fuel supply

CNG generators are more applicable in urban areas where natural gas is readily available through a gas pipeline. On the other hand, diesel generators are preferable where the continuous supply of CNG or any other fuel for that matter isn't available. Diesel generators can be advantageous in places such as rural areas or ships where there is no power grid and a generator is the only source of power

In terms of safety

Of all the fossil fuels in common use, diesel is the least flammable. On the other hand, natural gas is highly combustible in nature. Moreover, diesel comes naturally in a liquid state with a distinct odour and therefore, a diesel leakage is easy to detect or prevent. In comparison, CNG apart from being highly combustible is stored in a compressed form which makes it vulnerable to explosions. CNG also doesn’t have any natural odour and in the case of a leakage, inhaling CNG in large quantities can result in fatalities. Therefore, if your outfit is prone to fire hazards then a diesel generator would be more suitable for you.

In terms of noise

When compared in terms of noise produced, diesel generators produce a lot more noise than CNG generators. Therefore, if you want to install a generator in places such as hospitals or schools then a CNG generator would be an appropriate choice.

In terms of emissions

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and has a minimal inverse impact on the environment. Emissions caused by burning CNG causes very little to no pollution, whereas machines operating on diesel emit a lot of smoke harmful to living beings. So, if you’re looking for a generator to be installed in a compact or densely populated area where pollution could cause significant harm then a cleaner and greener CNG generator would be more suitable for you.

Choosing a suitable generator might seem to be a complicated task unless you are clear about your preferences and requirements. A diesel generator would be suitable for a large manufacturing unit located in a remote area because of its durability, consistent performance, and its capability to deliver higher electrical power output. Whereas, a CNG generator would be a wiser choice for a small business outfit operating in an urban area where pollution as well noise are more critical concerns than power outages.