Deisel heavy vehicle dedicated CNG system

Flow Chat for Modifying Existing Diesel Vehicle to CNG:

  • Vehicle Received in Workshop.
  • Verify Inspect over all Vehicle Body / Chassis for any Damage.
  • Dismantle the Engine.
  • Send Engine For Re-Boring , Horning , Fitment of Piston Sleeve.
  • Assemble Engine with New CNG Pistons & Modified CNG Head.
  • Installation of Spark Plugs , ignition Coil , Distributor etc.
  • Fitment of Front CNG Kit - Reducer , Refueling Valve including Electrical Connections.
  • Fitment of CNG Cylinders on the Chassis with Complete Bracket.
  • Verify Inspect over all Vehicles Body / Chassis for any Damage.
  • Tubing - CNG Cylinders with Front Kit.
  • Cranking the Engine , Setting Engine Timing , Safety Checks Etc.
  • Check Emissions Through Any Approved PUC Centers.
  • Test Run the Vehciel - For Normal Operations.

Benefits of Converting

Heavy Diesel Vehicle Into CNG Vehicle

  • Extend Life of Engine Upto 8 Years & Extent Validity of RC.
  • Theft of Diesel which is not possible in case of CNG.
  • Total life of Vehicle increased to 16 Years with CNG.
  • CNG Costs about one third of the Cost of Petrol / Diesel.
  • Reduces Maintenance Cost.
  • Helps in Increasing Average & Performance.
  • Longer Intervals of Oil Replacement & Tune - Ups.
  • Low Carbon Conents Makes it Cleaner Fuel.
  • Low Pollutants Than Petrol / Diesel. High in Calcrific Value.
  • CNG Storage Tanks are stronger than Petrol / Diesel tanks.
  • CNG is lighter than Air. In case of leak it disperses into Air Quickly.
  • Available in abundance & Domestically Produced

Diesel Dual fuel CNG system (DDF)

The Diesel/Natural Gas Dual Fuel system is an innovative sequential injection system designed for conversion of diesel engines on commercial and public transport vehicles into engines capable of running on a blend of diesel and natural gas.

The system's sophisticated special electronics blend the two fuels, giving preference to use of natural gas with the economic benefits this brings.

The Diesel Dual Fuel Electronic Control Unit calculates in real time the amount of diesel fuel it can decrease and the amount to be injected, ensuring the same power output and fewer pollutants compared to the original engine, thus reducing consumption and running costs while retaining the same lifespan and performance of the original engine.

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