Why CNG ?

Available in 3-4-6-8 Cylinders in different range for Sequential injection systems. CNG Conversion Kits can be applied to Petrol and Diesel Engines. As for the Diesel Vehicles dedicated and DDF Systems can be applied.

  • Conventional CNG Systems
  • Sequential CNG Systems
  • Direct Injections CNG System
  • Diesel Heavy Vehicle Dedicated CNG Systems
  • Diesel Dual Fuel CNG System

Type of CNG Kits

Conventional Open Loop System

Open Loop System contains advanced timing Sensor / Emmulator MPFI. The system is pretty basic and it needs regular adjustments if you need the best performance out of it. You will also need to check the Engine lamp due to the lamda error. Open loop systems dont't calculate Lambda 02 reading but keeps the gas flowing according to the requirements.

Conventional Closed Loop System

Closed Loop System comes with Lamda controller ECU / Stepper Motor / MPFI Emulator. This system has complete automatic gas regulating and it also depends on what the car engine requires. Apart from that , it emulates the Lamda 02 reading to the Main Car ECU to prevent engine check.

Sequential Injuctions System

Available for 3,4,6 & 8 Cylinder engines. CNG Sequential Kits - latest technology product that gives performance at par with petrol cars. Instead of GAS-AIR mixer as used in Conventional Kits, Sequential Kit is equipped with GAS Injectors similar to Petrol injectos to Inject calculated amoutn of GAS into the engine.

Direct Injections System

Direct Injection Kit is designed for 3,4,6 and 8-cylinder engines. Support All Direct Injection Engines Like T-GDI / FSI /EcoBoost / TSI ,etc.

The Direct Injection CNG Kits allows to add a maximum of 20% to 30% Gasoline with natural gas for certain cars. It has minimum amount of gasoline to add with a range of 2-3%. It is available with Single stage reducer, adapted to support all engines with direct fuel injection.

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