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CNG or compressed natural gas is a domestically available, economical, clean burning, alternative fuel source for vehicles.


Driving doesn’t have to cost big bucks. Switching to CNG means paying about half as much at the pump.


Care about the environment? Using CNG means releasing less pollution into the air.

The power of CNG

    Clearly a better solution.

Welcome to CNG Pune

We at V1 CNG is one of the Most Trusted Name in the field of Installation of CNG Kit in all make and Model of the Car. We Install Traditional/Conventional and Sequential CNG Kit in Car and other automobiles. We are Government Approved CNG Kit Fitment Center of All Types of Car. We have successfully installed over 1000 CNG Kits in Small Cars, Middle Segment Cars and in Top Model Luxury Cars. We have over 6 years of experience of installing CNG Conversion Kit in Car.

V1 CNG is in Collaboration with all Italian, Argentina and Indian Manufacture of CNG Conversion Kits and Their Components. We install Original and Government Approved Italian, Argentine and Indian Made CNG Kits as per Choice of Customers.

Installation of CNG Conversion Kits at V1 CNG is Carried out by Trained and ITI Mechanics. We have different team to install Conventional and Sequential CNG Kits in Car.

Types Of CNG Kits

Open Loop System


Open Loop System contains Advanced Timing Sensor /Emmulator MPFI. The system is pretty basic and it needs regular adjustments if you need the best performance out of it. You will also need to check the Engine Lamp due to the lamda error. Open loop systems don't calculate Lamda O2 readings but keeps the gas flowing according to the requirements.

Sequential Injection System


Sequential Reducer kits are quite expensive but then you end up saving a lot of money as compared to the traditional petrol run engines. Also, is the best feature for gas tech right now.

Closed Loop System


Closed Loop System comes with Lamda Controller ECU/Stepper Motor/MPFI Emulator. This system has complete automatic gas regulation and it also depends on what the car engine requires. Apart from that, it emulates the Lamda O2 readings to the Main Car ECU to prevent engine check.

Speed Governor


The Speed Governor is designed by adopting the latest technology available in the market.It works on the principle of controlling flow of fuel at a particular set speed & supply only a definite quantity of fuel in the engine that is sufficient to run vehicle at set speed.